Today Result of Lottery Sambad 8pm, 4pm, 11:55am 2019

Today result of lottery Sambad will be announced at 11 AM in the morning, 4 PM in the noon and 8 PM night. A person who plays India’s most popular lottery always look for the today result of lottery Sambad to get result on time. This helps in so many different ways whether the person won the lucky draw or lost.



For winners, the result of the lottery is always important as it can help them to know about their victory and celebration. A person who purchases a lottery ticket but did not win the prize has equal importance of the today result of lottery Sambad. How? Well, the person can buy the new ticket for the coming draw to increase his chances.

By getting informed about the lucky number, one can use it in the future as some time a ticket number which has already won the prize has more chances to get elected again in the future. This is why knowing about the lottery result on time is important for every participant of the lottery.

How to get today result of lottery Sambad?

There are various ways which can be used to get informed about the name of the winners. Some of them are:

  • Sambad newspaper
  • Online websites
  • E-paper (online)
  • Mobile application

Sambad newspaper:

First thing first! The Sambad is the one who has introduced this lottery system. How could they forget to announce the result of the lottery in their newspaper? Every day, the newspaper Sambad has the complete list of the winner.

The winner of the first prize has been mentioned at the top with big bold text and a congratulation message. The name of rest of the winner has mentioned right after the name of the first winner. This list is built in tabular form.

Sambad Lottery Types:

  • lottery sambad bhutan
  • Nagaland State Lottery
  • west bengal state lottery
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  • lottery sambad banga bhumi super
  • lottery sambad bangla
  • lottery sambad bengali
  • lottery sambad bumper
  • lottery sambad bangalakshmi lottery
  • lottery sambad bangasree super
  • lottery sambad bengali newspaper
  • lottery sambad west bengal
  • lottery sambad newspaper
  • lottery sambad dear honour
  • lottery sambad dear affectionate
  • lottery sambad dear gentle
  • lottery sambad dear fortune
  • lottery sambad dear tender
  • lottery sambad dear luck
  • lottery sambad dear chance
  • lottery sambad dear success
  • lottery sambad dear kind
  • lottery sambad dear falcon
  • lottery sambad singam Zeal
  • lottery sambad singam Tough
  • lottery sambad singam Great
  • lottery sambad singam Vigor
  • lottery sambad singam Delight
  • lottery sambad singam Energy

Lottery Sambad Tips For Buyers

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Online websites:

Using online websites is the easiest way to get the today result of lottery Sambad. There are hundreds of websites now which publish the result of lucky draw daily on the right time. These websites usually provide the list of winners in PDF file while others just post it in the text format.

This is a free way to know about the name of the person who won the prizes. Online website update result of Sambad at 11 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM daily to keep their visitor up to date about the latest result.