Kasam 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update
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Kasam 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update

In Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 17 March 2017 episode we will see that the Bedi family celebrates Holi in full flair. All the Bedi members gather together and enjoy each other’s company after a very long time. Tanuja tells everyone that she is a dedicated daughter in law and will not let this occasion go by without bringing a smile to the faces of her family members. She tells everyone that she will take care of the arrangements for Holi this year and will give a grand party to all the members to enjoy this festival to its fullest. Manpreet, Raj and Biji are very excited to celebrate Holi with their family but Rano is not convinced with Tanuja being the hostess. Netra gives her an idea and Rano decides that she will give bhaang to Tanuja and will get her to sign the property papers. She says that finally she will be able to get the hard earned property of her family back to Rishi’s name. She asks Nakul to arrange the bhaang and Netra to call her lawyer for making the property papers to transfer the property to Rishi.

While preparing for Holi Tanuja finds out that Purab will come to her party and will meet the member of their family who is betraying them and is a part of Purab’s ordeal to take over the Bedi property. She decides that she will bring Purab’s reality to the fore today itself. Rano also takes a pledge that she will get the property papers transferred to Rishi’s name on the day of Holi. (Also Read: Rano compels  Rishi to make Tanuja fall in love with him)

Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyar Ki we will see that Rishi refuses to celebrate Holi because Tanuja is organizing it. He locks himself up in the room and refuses to go out. Instead of trying to convince him to play Holi with her, Tanuja goes to her room with color on her face. She tells Rishi that a man used this occasion of Holi to put color on her face and he tried to flirt with her too. Rishi gets angry and jealous that some other men flirted with his wife. He rushes out to teach that man a lesson but later he comes to know that it was Tanuja’s trick to get him to the celebrations. Tanuja picks up a handful of color and throws it on her husband.  (Also Read: Tanuja lusts for money!! Not Rishi?)

We hope that this occasion of Holi destroys all the misunderstanding between Tanuja and Rishi and they get back together with love. (Also Read: Rano tries to snatch Tanuja’s property)

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